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Believe in the afterlife? That animals have souls?

As long as it’s unprovable but true we’re the bookmakers for you.


“If it can be proved it must be removed.” So reads the inscription on the book of metaphysical bets. Bob Prophette and Penny Shaman bring you their unique metaphysical betting concept, giving you the opportunity to put your beliefs on show and to the test. Faith, romance, magic, the after-life and the cosmos; anything that’s unprovable but true. Do you believe animals have souls? – that the universe considered as a whole is God? – that everything that is and will be has already been determined? Then Prophette and Shaman are the bookmakers for you. All bets are taken and civility is guaranteed.

Here you can:

View and download the latest race cards

See the latest prices

Place a bet (from the race cards or bespoke – the more exotic the better)

Watch some of the best races of all time

Find out about our location in wonderful Las Altas Finanzas (London)

Check out the bets taken at the Port Eliot Festival in 2012 (is yours here?)

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